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HA104-High Speed Digital PCB Design (OrCAD 17.x)

High-speed PCB Design

Lay out the BeagleBone Black, DDR3, BGA package, HDMI, etc.

Make a Mini-computer

Create a Linux-based computer that fits the size of your palm

The new-age electronics engineer

Create what you want to create by the end of this course.
Design amazing products and create your future.

What's included?

  • 9 Chapters
  • 1 Certification
  • Quiz Questions
  • Video Lessons
  • PDF Guides

Become a Hardware Creator

Design products your are most proud of and are passionate about.

Personal brand

Add more complex projects to your portfolio and wow your employers.
Meet the instructor

Kirsch Mackey

It took Kirsch a long time before I felt he could be ready to design his own custom hardware at the advanced level. But from the mentorship and guidance of PCB design wizards, understanding the core pillars of PCB design and electromagnetics, Kirsch has created products he feels extremely passionate about. Kirsch is working toward his own practical invention prototypes and wants to bring all his experience to you, so you build products you love in a fraction of the time.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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