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ORCOMMN-2302 Error

ORCOMMN-2302 Error

Kirsch Mackey
This error can happen when you try to start a new PSPICE simulation profile in OrCAD Capture, but it won't let you.

No worries though. There is a simple way you can fix this...

First, Close OrCAD Capture.

Then go to Windows File Explorer, and enter this: %HOME% and hit Enter. This will take you to the installation directory for your OrCAD software.

Rename the PSPICE.ini file
Go into the  cdssetup > OrCAD PSpice > 17.x. folder within that folder.

Rename the PSpice.ini file to pspice_backup.ini.

Repeat this by going into the cdssetup > OrCAD Capture > 17.x. Capture.ini to capture_backup.ini.

Then re-open OrCAD Capture.

Try the simulation again. That should fix the problem.

More information can be found here:

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