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Secrets of a Successful Hardware Engineer

Kirsch was always good with computers, but he never knew how to design printed circuit boards. When he was a graduate teaching assistant for the senior design capstone course, his boss told him that he needed to teach all the students how to design PCBs in a few weeks, Kirsch panicked.

He tried to find every resource he could on the internet, but nothing seemed to cover everything he needed. In the end, Kirsch had no choice but to become a hardware engineer himself. He taught himself how to design PCBs and became one of the best in the field in his area.

Now, 10 years later, Kirsch is a mentor for new engineers and helps them avoid making the same mistakes he did when he was starting out.

If you feel stuck in your current work, dreaming about designing amazing technology, but find yourself pulling your mind back to reality, thinking 'some day' or thinking "I wonder if I can ever built stuff like that", before getting back to what you feel comfortable working on, because at least you can do that work well and without mistakes, then you're what I would call the uncertain and unfulfilled engineer.

Doubting that you'll be able to get to a high enough technical level to actually design your own printed circuit boards without mistakes. Thinking that if only you had someone to show you or guide you so that you don't get into hardware design, but end up ruining your reputation by producing bad work, simply because you didn't know everything you needed to.

If you're on the fence on whether you can even succeed as a hardware engineer or PCB designer, then this video is for you.

Secrets of a Successful PCB Designer

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Are you looking to get into PCB design?

This video is for you! I cover some of the secrets that have helped me become a successful PCB designer. From understanding impedance to using the right software, these tips will help you streamline your workflow and get better results.
Kirsch was always good with computers, but he never knew how to design printed circuit boards.

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