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Apple Hardware Engineer Accelerator

The M.E.S.H. Method Mastery Program - The course is a self-study series of training videos and concludes with a series of career preparation steps, including a mock interview, resume and LinkedIn audit, and potential connection with your Apple recruiter.
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Video lectures, Documents, 6 Projects

120 Hours

Email Support, 1 Mock Interview

Unlimited Emails and Discussion Threads

Step-by-Step Checklist and Roadmap

10-Step System to Go from Zero to ready in your new Career


1 Certificate

What's included?

  • 10 Chapters
  • 1 Certification
  • 6 Projects
  • 125+ Videos
  • 10+ PDFs and Docs

Become a Hardware Engineer

You will learn how to design printed circuit boards operating at low speeds and high speeds (10 Gbps) through self-study, theory and application

New Career

Self-Start a new career in Hardware and PCB design within 90 days, and in advanced Hardware and PCB design in 5 Months or less.

Here is what we will cover in
this course

The MESH Method to PCB Design

The fastest method to holistically understanding PCB design from low speed to high speed

Schematic Capture

Learn Schematic Capture and Principles Across 6 different PCBs. Learn practical tips or capture that take interdisciplinary teams into consideration.

PCB Layout

Place your components optimally for manufacturing, signal integrity, EMI and high-speed digital design

Understand and plan for communication Protocols

Design a PCB for interfaces like PCIe, MIPI, I2C, SPI, UART, USB, Ethernet, etc.

Gain Embedded Mobile Experience

Design boards for mobile and/or embedded processors and memory systems

Professional Software

Learn OrCAD (Eventually Altium, OrCAD X, CircuiMaker, Allegro DE HDL, etc.)

Course Curriculum

We will help you unlock your inner potential so you can excel in your professional field. Some of the benefits of our trainings are:
  • Foundations of PCB Design - Build your first 2-layer PCB from start to finish
  • (M)anufacturing and Excellence in Design - Build your second 2-layer PCB from schematic to PCB based on IPC-2221
  • (E)lectromagnetism (EMI, EMC, ESD) - Learn the foundations of Electromagnetism from an intuitive perspective
  • (S)ignal Integrity Essentials - Learn all root problems of signal integrity and how to remove them for good - Build a 10-layer board
  • (H)igh-Speed Digital Design - Learn high-speed digital design and Build your first high-speed practical PCB at 10 Gbps - xnets, diffpairs, tuning, length matching, etc.
  • Power Distribution Network Design - Bring it all together by designing a power electronic board and reduce impedance profile
  • Component Selection - Understand the component selection process from start to finish so you know how to go from concept to completion
  • Communication Protocols - Learn how the components interact and design for signal integrity, impedance control, stack-up materials and how they all affect PCB layout for high-speed boards
  • Advanced PCB Layout and Integration - Complete the intermediate/advanced capstone project for this course - DDR3, HDMI, Ethernet, BGA fanouts, etc.
  • Career Launch - Update your resume and LinkedIn the modern way so you attract the jobs you want instead of hunting for the jobs you can get right now.
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